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Dorothy Reagan, age 76 from Maryville TN.

I learned to play the harmonica as a child, and the only thing I knew was to blow and draw. However, after reading the book "This Harmonica Is For "YOU", I have learned several methods to help improve my playing ability. For example, I didn't know that holding my stomach and breathing a certain way helps create a different sound. The book is excellent for beginners who don't know anything about playing a harmonica or reading music and also for people who know how to play but want to improve their talent. Thank you, Charles, for providing such an excellent book!

Mr. Bob Wilson, from SANTA BARBARA, CA.

Bought your book "This Harmonica Is For "YOU". it is "THE BEST" out of five or so I have tried, because of you book, instead of being confused, I'm beginning to under stand a lot better. (later ordered an additional Tab-Slide-Guide for the Natural Minor Harmonica).

Al Eichler, from the American Harmonica Newsletter.

Thank you for expending the time and effort to do your tablature method covered in the book, This Harmonica Is For "YOU". I see this book is recent, and probably the most complete treatment for fitting music to the Harmonica to come down the pike in the last 50 years. For so many, many players who seem to want special easy to deal with notation for the Harmonica, this book is their answer.

John Gschwend Jr.

My name is John Gschwend Jr. I've learned to play the harmonica a little by studying "THIS HARMONICA IS FOR "YOU" and other helpful books. Mr. Potter's book is different than the others. Now I don't have to have the tablature written out for me. The "Tab-Slide -Guide" is a terrific device. Now I can make my own tablature from the music. It's helping me to read a little music too, as I convert the notes to tab.

Jack Earl, from "Jack's Gospel Harmonica Page"

I love your Tab-Slide-Guide. I use it to tabulate all the harmonica songs that I have on Jack's Gospel Harmonica Page at I especially love the ability to tabulate in both straight-harp and cross-harp position.

Hello Charles, I enjoyed our visit the other day also and I want to thank you for all the help. When you are just a beginner its really helpful and encouraging to have someone take the time and put forth the effort to explain things that may not be very clear. I especially appreciate you explaining the "tab-slide-guide",included in your book "This Harmonica is for You", I keep it right on my desk and handy at all times. Anytime something relating to keys and "cross harp" which may be confusing I reach for my "tab guide." Its a very useful tools and I'm sure glad I stumbled upon you on u-tube.
It certainly is $20.00 well spent for anyone interested in harmonica.

Thanks Everett Smith
P.S. I have worn out your tab of "Danny Boy" which is in the "This Harmonica is for You" book.

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